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Yofu Tattoo and Pigmentation


Tattoo Removal + Carbon Peel

  • Portable Q-Switch
  • Tattoo Removal, Pigmentation And Birthmarks Lesion Removal
  • Carbon Peeling: Skin Rejuvenation

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Pigment and Birthmarks

Pigment and Birthmarks

Carbon Peel

Carbon Peel

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

YOFU machine Q-Switch Nd-Yag has 3 main functions:
1. Tattoo Removal:
It is designed to eliminate unwanted tattoos from the skin. It operates by using laser technology to break down the tattoo ink particles into smaller fragments. (1064nm for dark ink, 532nm for light ink).
2. Pigmentation Removal:
It targets and breaks down the excess melanin in the skin, leading to a more even skin tone and reduced pigmentation.
3. Carbon Peel:
It involves the application of a specialized carbon-based lotion to the skin, then the laser heats and vaporizes the carbon particles, exfoliating the skin’s surface and stimulating collagen production.

Treatment Results


7.4-inch touch LCD display
Output Power
2000 WATT
Handles Number
Laser Type
Nd-Yag Laser
1064nm, 532nm
Cooling Manner
Closed-off water circulation + Air
Machine Dimensions
Net Weight
15 Kg


Portable with 15 Kg weight able to be easily moved


Multifunctional: Tattoo and pigments removal, carbon peel for skin rejuvenation


It includes 3 headpieces: 1064nm for dark ink tattoo/ pigments removal, 532nm for light ink tattoo/pigments removal and a skin rejuvenation headpiece


User friendly software with 7.4inch true color LCD display


CE Certificate obtained from Germany


Lastly, Return on Investment

According to our market study, it will Usually take up to 3 months to return on your investment if you are running a business with established clienteles.

You can expect about 6 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clienteles.