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Morpheus Shape Cavitation Ultrasound

Morpheus Shape

Ultrasound Cavitation + Vacuum RF

  • Slimming, Fat And Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Lifting And Remodeling
  • 3 Handles Of Different Sizes For Vacuum RF
  • 1 Handle For Cavitation Ultrasound

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Face and Body Contouring

Face and Body Contouring

Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite Reduction

Fat Destruction

Fat Destruction

Ultrasonic cavitation + vacuum RF is a non-invasive body contouring treatment for fat and cellulite reduction. Morpheus shape enables you to safely achieve a toned, contoured and well-shaped body; making you look and feel more youthful. It provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.

In addition, it includes light therapy: Blue and Red. Red to stimulate the production of collagen, Blue to kill bacteria. This technology combines infrared light, Multi-polar radio frequency energy and vacuum, which cause deep heating of the fat cells, their surrounding connective tissue and the underlying dermal collagen fibers.

Treatment Results


10.2-inch touch LCD display
Output Power
2500 WATT
Handles Number
Vacuum RF
Small suitable for face and neck
Medium suitable for arms and legs
Large suitable for buttock, abdomen and back
Light Therapy
Blue and Red Light in the vacuum
Cavitation Ultrasound
Fat Melting
Machine Dimensions
Net Weight


15 outputs/pulses per second to achieve maximum effect with patented Super Pulse Technology.


Increasing application efficiency by facilitating smooth and free movement of the head thanks to Sliding Technology.


1 Large 40KHZ cavitation.


3 sizes of Vacuum RF:
1. Large head suitable for hips, abdomen and back.
2. Medium size cap suitable for arms and legs.
3. Small head suitable for face and neck.


Light therapy: Red 630nm (Collagen stimulation and tissue regeneration) and Blue 430nm (Acne bacteria destruction).


User friendly software with 10.2inch true color LCD display.


CE Certificate obtained from Germany.


Lastly, Return on Investment

According to our market study, it will Usually take up to 3 months to return on your investment if you are running a business with established clienteles.

You can expect about 6 months if you are just starting your business and need to build up your clienteles.